"Canadian Diamond" Estimate Request



Request an estimate for a Canadian diamond of your choice.

- 1/4 carat (4.10mm)
- 1/3 carat (4.60mm)
- 1/2 carat (5.20mm)
- 3/4 carat (5.90mm)
- 1 carat (6.50mm)

- Triple Excellent (Ideal)
- Excellent
- Very Good

- FL-IF (Flawless)
- VVS1-VVS2 (Very very slightly)
- VS1-VS2 (Very slightly)
- SI1-SI2 (Slightly included)

- D (colourless)
- E-F (colourless)
- G-H (near colourless)

GIA Guide to understanding the 4Cs of Diamond Grading: 


At Chayle Jewellery Studio, we believe in ethical and conflict free diamonds. We source our diamonds from Canadian mines, which are known for their high quality diamonds and are governed by ethical labour laws. Each Canadian diamond is graded and coded with a serial number to guarantee it's authenticity and quality. You will receive a detailed GIA or IGI grading certificate with your Canadian diamond and a CanadaMark Canadian Diamond Authentication Plate.


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