"Chestnut" Leaf Ring - 2.0ct Pear Cut



The "Chestnut" Ring is classically elegant, while hiding a beautiful leaf motif under the gemstone. The setting uses an undercarriage of leaves to hold the prongs of the setting. The end of the prongs become small leaf shapes to hold the gemstone. The side profile of the ring allows you to see the beautiful point of the gemstone. The setting has smart silhouette, that allows enough clearance to stack a straight band next to it. A helpful consideration for an engagement ring, that will be paired with wedding band in the future.

- 14K Gold (White, Yellow, or Rose)
- 18K Gold (White, Yellow, or Rose)
- Platinum

- 6mm high (setting)
- 2mm x 2mm (band)

Gemstone Size:
- 9x6mm (2.0ct) *

Gemstone Options:
Lab-Grown Moissanite (+$1565)
- None/Other** (Comment at checkout for quotes on Canadian Diamond, Sapphire, or other Gemstone of your choice)


* To customize this ring with a larger stone, please contact.

** Choose your gemstone from our Ethical Gemstone and Diamond Collection.

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