Teal Moissanite™ Lab Created - Pear Cut



Sizes: 9x6mm
Colour: Fancy Teal (Stuller Moissanite™)
Quality: Very Good
Ethical Source: Lab-created by Stuller Inc.
Warranty: Yes

Premium-quality Moissanite that is eye clean, loupe clean.

History of Moissanites

In 1893, French chemist Henri Moissan was examining rock samples in Canyon Diablo, Arizona. Peering inside a meteor crater, he came across a bevy of sparkling stones and mistakenly identified them as diamonds.

They weren’t.

These crystals were silicon carbide — aka, Moissanite. And Moissan actually wasn’t the first person to encounter Moissanite.

In 1891, and American chemist Edward G. Acheson successfully created silicon carbide in a lab. He pioneered the Acheson process, a process used to create silicon carbide. Similarly to Henri Moissan, Acheson also had a slight blunder: he was attempting to synthesize diamonds but instead created blue crystals of silicon carbide.

It wouldn’t be until 1904 that Acheson and Moissan would realize they were looking at the same mineral.

And although Acheson was first to the silicon carbide punch, Moissanite was named in honor of Henri Moissan.

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