CHAYLE Jewellery Studio was started in 2013 with a mission in mind: To produce quality jewellery designs for artistic jewellery lovers using only responsible and ethical practices. All of our collections are handmade in Ottawa, using recycled sources of gold and silver, fair trade gemstones, and Canadian diamonds.

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Chayle Cook is an Artist Goldsmith from Ottawa, Canada, with a love for jewellery making and a passion for sustainable fashion. After completing her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Halifax, Nova Scotia at NSCAD University, she has studied abroad and exhibited her work nationally and internationally in juried competitions and solo shows. Her collections have been featured in "Ottawa Style" Magazine and "Ottawa Bride" Magazine, while she has also made television interview appearances on CTV Morning Live and Rogers Daytime Television. 




Chayle Cook is an artist and goldsmith from Ottawa, Canada. Her background is in fine arts with a BFA from the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally in art exhibitions and jewellery competitions.

For clients, the benefits of buying and wearing Canadian jewellery is that it brings new products and fresh ideas into the market. By selling Canadian designs, we are helping to bolster our Canadian economy and create a positive connection between the client and their local jewellery artist.

January 15, 2017 by Chayle Cook


The CHAYLE jewellery studio was started in 2013 with a mission in mind: To produce quality jewellery designs, for artistic jewellery lovers, using only responsible and ethical practices. All of the current collections are exclusively handmade in Ottawa, using silver and gold refined from recycled sources, fair trade gemstones, and Canadian diamonds.

Ethical sourcing is the process by which the designer seeks to improve the working conditions of the people who supply the materials needed to create their jewellery. A commitment to ethical sourcing requires careful research by the designer. Suppliers adhering to this policy show a commitment to supporting healthy workplaces and communities while helping Canadian businesses excel in the marketplace.

January 14, 2017 by Chayle Cook


Each design has a unique inspiration and artistic feeling. The collections are each made by hand and give their own unique characteristics. For example, the hammer marks are produced individually by hand and capture an artistic touch, just like brush strokes in a painting.

Jewellery that is unique reflects the uniqueness of the wearer. The choices made in selecting a piece of jewellery reflect both personal style and personal belief. Especially with gifts and rings, clients will be seeking something as distinctive and beautiful as their beloved. With artistic designs and ethical products, CHAYLE jewellery offers a unique combination that inspires the connection between both beauty and quality.

January 13, 2017 by Chayle Cook


At Chayle Jewellery Studio, your order is made exactly for you. Each piece of jewellery is expertly handcrafted to your specifications. Book a complimentary meeting with the designer, Chayle Cook, to discuss designs, get a quote, and be part of the process behind our unique jewellery! 

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