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Our Story

“An everyday art piece.”
Handmade in Ottawa, Canada

Our Designer

Chayle Bowen completed her BFA at NSCAD University (Halifax), specializing in metalsmithing, printmaking, and book arts.

After graduation, she worked in the jewellery industry as a goldsmith and designer, became a sessional jewellery instructor at the Ottawa School of Art, and completed artist residencies at the Estonian Academy of Arts (Tallinn), Sparkbox Studio (Picton), and Art Engine (Ottawa). Additionally, she completed an internship with Estonian jewellery artist and MA professor Tanel Veenre (Tallinn).

Her artist jewellery has been exhibited nationally and internationally in juried shows.

Currently, she is owner and designer of “Chayle Jewellery Studio”, established 2013 in Ottawa.

Ethics & Sustainability

Our Philosophy

With a sense of minimalist elegance and ethical vision, Chayle Jewellery is handcrafted in Ottawa, Canada, using only recycled and conflict-free sources of gold and silver, ethically sourced gemstones, and Canadian diamonds.

Artist Statement

My work as an artist goldsmith combines my passions for traditional metalsmithing and minimalist design. I use hammering techniques to create jewellery which flows naturally with the body. The shapes I use are often bold, capturing the negative spaces and contours of the body. For me, it is important to consider the wearer within the design process of my pieces. I enjoy the challenge of creating beauty and elegance while maintaining wearability and sentimentality. With my material choices of precious metals, colourful patinas, and rustic hammer textures, I hope to capture a feelings of ancient jewellery and the romantic notion of a genuine handmade treasure. My current work seeks to create a playful dialogue between traditional and contemporary jewellery, and has become a driving force for my curiosity and creativity as an artistic goldsmith.

~ Chayle Bowen

ottawa style magazine

"Elegant meets Edgy jewellery"

“Capturing the simplicity and modern elegance of hammered precious metals.”

Design Inspiration

"Influenced by the negative spaces between branches, and the curling and overlapping growth of lichen, I am interested in the geometric qualities and structured chaos within these natural forms. My work in jewellery, uses colour, contour, and layering to emphasize these types of forms and spaces."

"Edges and shadows describe, contain, and shape the spaces in my work-- revealing the spaces and the structures that hold them as the subject matter of my work."

"The forms and aesthetic in my work are derived from natural inspirations. I have worked to distill the elements of natural forms, searching for the chaotic happenstance of their growth patterns. My current work has become a playful exploration of these form and geometry."