"Elderberry" Leaf Ring- 0.45ct Marquise Cut



The Elderberry Leaf Ring is inspired by overlapping leaves and berries. The asymmetry of the design enhances the organic quality of the design, and instantly creates new classic look.

The band is 1.5mm wide with a slight bevel to make is look even finer, without compromising strength. The stone are set with smooth claws, which make the diamonds appear to float on the ring. This ring can be stacked with other rings, or makes for a perfect anniversary ring or family ring.

- 14K Gold
- 18K Gold
- Platinum

(Comment at checkout for 1/2 size)

Gemstone Sizes: 
- 5.0 x 2.5mm (Marquise 0.15ct/ea) 
- 4.5 x 2.5mm (Marquise 0.11ct/ea) 
- 3.0mm (Round 0.10ct/ea) 
- 2.5mm (Round 0.06ct/ea) 
- 2.0mm (Round 0.03ct/ea) 

Total carat weight = 0.45ct

Gemstone Options:
- None/Other +$0 (For gemstone of your choice, please add comment at checkout.)
- Diamonds +$1527 (Canadian Diamond Melee, Conflict-Free Diamond Marquise)
- Lab-Grown Moissanites +$365 (Moissanite Melee, Moissanite Marquise)

* Please choose your gemstone from our Gemstone & Diamond Collection, or contact us to special order a gemstone of your choice. We have access to a wide variety of ethically sourced gemstones, Canadian diamonds, and lab-created stones that are not all listed online.

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