Return Shipping Labels

Online return service

We offer complimentary return shipping, in partnership with Canadapost. Get your parcel ready to ship, and then follow the Canadapost link below. Use this link so you can print your return shipping label from home. Then you only need to drop off your parcel at the post office afterwards.

Online return label link:

In-person post office return service

Alternately, our customers can use either the return ID number or the barcode below to return their parcel, if they would prefer the service staff at the post office to print the label for them.

Return ID number: PR378561

Return ID barcode: 


Steps to follow:

  1. Repackage your order using the same box and packaging that it was sent to you in. Please ensure that you securely re-sealed the parcel.
  2. Follow the Canadapost link to enter your information.
  3. You will need to enter your Invoice number, Name, Email, Address, and your mailing address. 
  4. Your shipping label will be emailed to you to print out and securely attach to your parcel.
  5. Drop off at the post office. If your local post office does not have a parcel drop-off, ensure that the Canadapost service staff has accepted the parcel before leaving the parcel unattended.
  6. We will notify you when we receive your parcel and begin processing your return.

Customer assistance information

Staff Name:  Chayle