"Sunflower" 1.3mm Eternity Band



The "Sunflower" Eternity Band is a contemporary spin on a classic diamond band. The settings for each diamond is are flower petals. The side view creates a beautiful sunflower shape. It is reminiscent of the long full days of summer and the richness of august when sunflowers are at their best bloom. The "Sunflower" collection is beautiful sentiment to mark a special moment and celebrate the most vibrant days.

- 14K Gold (White, Yellow, or Rose)
- Platinum

- 1.3 wide x 1.5mm high

Gemstone Size:
- 1.2mm round

Gemstone Options:
Canadian Diamonds ($21/each)
- Lab-Grown Moissanite ($12/each)
- None/Other* (Comment at checkout for quotes on gemstone of your choice)

Gemstones needed: 
- Size 4 = 40 gemstones
- Size 5 = 42 gemstones
- Size 6 = 44 gemstones
- Size 7 = 46 gemstones
- Size 8 = 48 gemstones

* Choose your gemstone from our Ethical Gemstone and Diamond Collection.

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