BRANCHWORKS Exhibition at Gallery 200

BRANCHWORKS Exhibition at Gallery 200

Gallery 200
The School of Dance
200 Crichton Street, Ottawa

Exhibition Dates:
April 30th - June 6th, 2017

Please join me for the opening reception of
"BRANCHWORKS" on Sunday, April 30th from 2-4pm!

“Branchworks” features new pieces from a family trio of artists. The works presented here explore the aesthetics of fractal growth patterns and negative spaces seen within tree branches. The use of overlapping lines, contours, and shadow become a recurring motif in each of the artists' work as they draw inspiration from the complexity, beauty, and illusionistic qualities of humble branches. Each artist delves into their preferred medium, ranging from metalworking, embroidery, and pyrography. This range of approaches highlights the diversity in contemporary craft today.

Lawrence Cook
Lawrence has been actively involved in Ottawa's photographic community for more than 30 years. He graduated from the Algonquin College's Advertising & Graphic Design program. His enduring involvement in photography is due to the positive challenges it brings to his life, keeping him intellectually active and creative. Lawrence has exhibited his photography and artwork locally in Ottawa's solo and group exhibitions. Lawrence is currently a full-time staff photographer with the National Gallery of Canada.

Maureen Ballagh
Maureen is a visual artist from Ottawa, Ontario and graduated from Algonquin College’s Fine Arts & Craft program. In her artwork, she combines textile techniques such as felting, dyeing, embroidery and knitting to create intricate and cohesive works of sculpture. Her works have been exhibited by public and commercial galleries throughout Canada. For over 15 years, Maureen has been an active mentor and instructor in Ottawa's fibre arts community.

Chayle Cook
Chayle is an artist goldsmith from Ottawa, Ontario. She completed her BFA at NSCAD University specializing in jewellery, printmaking, and book arts. Her interdisciplinary approach to her studies has led to an art practice that balances her interest in the fine arts with her love of craft and design. Her art jewellery has been exhibited nationally and internationally in solo exhibitions and juried shows. As an entrepreneur in the jewellery industry, her own brand “Chayle Jewellery” focuses on producing fine jewellery that uses only sustainable and ethical sources of metals and gemstones.