Where are your gemstones mined?

The gemstones that I offer in my collections are sourced from ethical Fair Trade mines. All of the diamonds that I offer are from Canadian mines, excellently cut in Belgium.

The benefits of ethical sourcing protect the livelihoods of skilled workers around the world and encourages transparency within the jewellery industry. I am extremely happy to provide my customers with a reliable and positive source for their gemstones.



Fair Trade Sapphires

Sapphire is next to diamond on the hardness scale. It is a beautiful and durable stone that comes in a wide variety of colours from red, yellow, green, and the traditional blue. Ruby is simply a specific colour of Sapphire.

I offer coloured sapphires from ethical mines in Australia and the USA. Each stone is hand selected for colour and comes with a fair trade level of background information about the stone so we can track its mining origins through to where it was cut, polished, and distributed.


Canadian Diamonds

The diamonds I offer are sourced from Canadian mines, which are known for their high quality diamonds and are governed by ethical labour laws. Each Canadian diamond is graded and coded with a serial number to guarantee it's authenticity and quality. You will receive a detailed GIA or IGI grading certificate with your Canadian diamond and a CanadaMark Canadian Diamond Authentication Plate. 


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