Jewellery Cleaning Tips

Jewellery Cleaning Tips

How can you keep your CHAYLE jewellery looking it's best?

Here are a few simple "do-it-yourself" cleaning practices that are eco-friendly and will keep your jewellery sparkling like new.


1) Jewellery Bath

The sparkle of jewellery appears dull when there are oils like hand cream and sunscreen on its surface. However, this is easily removed! Prepare a small bowl of warm soapy water. Allow your jewellery to soak for a 1/2 hour or over night. Lightly brush the jewellery with a soft clean tooth brush, this will help remove any remaining oils. Rinse well under running hot water, this will help to wash away the last bits of soap and oils. Dry off with a towel and you will see a significant difference it the sparkle of your jewellery again!

Note: All patinas on CHAYLE jewellery should avoid soap, water, and chemicals to maintain their dramatic colours. See patina information here: Turquoise Patina Copper, Red Patina CopperBlack Patina Silver.


2) Polishing Cloth

The surface of jewellery can get small scratches over time. After cleaning you may find that the surface still seems dull because of these micro scratches. Polishing cloths are a great "do-it-yourself" option! Take a piece of flannel cotton fabric, folded a few layers thick, and place it on the table. Hold your jewellery down onto the flannel and quickly rub the jewellery back and forth into the flannel. The flannel will rub away small imperfections and light tarnishing without adding new scratches. Other fabrics are too course.
* Polishing cloths are also sold at jewellery stores that have polishing compounds on them which quickens the effect of this process.


3) Anti-Tarnish Storage

Once your jewellery is looking clean again, it is a good idea to store it where it won't tarnish again while you are not wearing it. Especially for silver jewellery, store in a sealable baggie or air tight container. Silver tarnishes with chemicals in the atmosphere like sulphur and can also be effected by the bleached lining of jewellery boxes, so sealable baggies are a great trick to help reduce tarnishing.


4) Professional Cleaning

I offer complimentary cleaning on all of my custom jewellery and wedding rings. Please feel free to book your appointment to have your rings cleaned!