Maternity Leave

Warranty Request

We are pleased to offer complimentary services on your gold wedding and engagement rings. Please use the warranty request form below to arrange for your warranty services.

Warranty Request

During maternity leave, we have partnered with a local goldsmith to complete our warranty services. Meeting availability will limited or delayed, due to maternity leave. Are you able to ship your item to our office instead on meeting in person?

Our Warranty

What's included?

Ring sizing

One complimentary ring sizing per ring will be offered for up to 12 months after delivery of a custom order or custom design. Additional ring sizing will be subject to a minimal fee based on a current labour wage at the time of sizing.


Repairs will be offered for faults in any product. Complimentary repairs include damages that are due to inherent faults attributed to the design, construction, or material of the item (ie, repairing solder breaks, tightening stones, etc). Repairs for damages caused in the normal course of business (ie, normal wear and tear, an item falling and breaking, etc.) will be subject to a labour fee based on a current labour wage at the time of repair. Any repairs for items 12 months after delivery may be subject to a minimal labour fee.


Cleaning will be offered complimentary at Chayle Jewellery Studio for the duration of your ownership of the ring. We will lightly remove any tarnish and dirt, and then lightly buffed with a high polish compound.

Stone Tightening

Stone setting check-ups and tightening will also be complimentary and are recommended to be done every 2-4 years. A complimentary cleaning will also be done after the stones are tightened.