Custom Design Journey


 At Chayle Jewellery Studio, your custom order is made exactly for you. Each piece is expertly handcrafted to your specifications. Book a complimentary virtual meeting with the designer, Chayle Cook, to discuss custom designs, get a quote, and be part of the process behind our unique jewellery.



We start with a virtual meeting via Zoom or Skype to discuss your dream ring, with our designer/goldsmith  Chayle Cook.

She will focus on your style, budget, metal preferences, gemstone preferences, and ring size. It will also be important what your lifestyle is like, so your ring will accommodate your everyday wear.

Use the "Book a Meeting" icon below to set up an online consultation.



For custom designs, our designer Chayle Cook, will first create sketches of design ideas. A variety of design directions will be presented as you help to guide what you like best. Estimates are available at this time, but a more exact quote will be made once the design has been finalized.



Once you have given the go-ahead for the design direction of your choice, your ring will then be 3Drendered or carved in a wax model. Some designs are more favorable to be 3D rendered (precise settings or symmetrical designs), whereas others are better to be carved in wax (flowing or natural looking designs).


1st FITTING (optional) 

After the model has been made, you have the option to meet for an in-person fitting. The model will be exactly to size and looks just like the final ring (except that it is made of wax).


CASTING - Deposit (50%)

Once you have approved the model (either by viewing images virtually, or by meeting to try on the model), your ring will be ready for casting in the metal of your choice.

At this point, you will be ask to pay a deposit to move forward. It is 50% of the total invoice.



Soldering, polishing, finishing. We do our best to take pictures along the way, and keep in touch with you so you can see the process of how it is made.


FITTING (optional) - 

If you would like, you can meet for a final fitting of the ring to see it before the stones are set. It also gives you the opportunity to view (and approve) the gemstone you ordered (incase you haven't seen it yet).



Now that the ring is all together and looking perfect, and you have approved the stones,  it is time to set them into your ring.



Pick-up (or Fedex) - Final payment 



Start your design journey here, with our selection of ethical diamonds and gemstones.


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