What is Gold-Fill?

I am introducing a beautiful material called Gold-Fill to my collections. With it's luscious real gold layers, it is an exciting alternative for gold lovers!

Gold-Fill is extremely durable and long lasting. The metal is fused with a thick sheet of real 14K gold and then heat rolled into shape. The final thickness is so durable that I am able to hammer and polish the jewellery as though it were solid gold.

Also known as “rolled-gold”, Gold-Fill is a thick (20%) layer of 14K gold fused onto a base metal of brass (silver, copper, zinc alloy). It should not be confused with gold-plating. It is a durable and long-lasting material that can be hammered and soldered without any damage or change to the gold! Gold-Fill is an economical alternative from karat gold and is superior in durability in comparison to gold-plated jewellery.

The gold-fill and silver that I offer in my collections are sourced from two American refineries that have sustainable practices by producing their metal from 100% recycled sources. By sourcing this material there is no need for new mining to happen, and I can be assured that I am providing my customers with a more ethical and environmental source for their jewellery. I also work with two Canadian refineries and casting houses for my casting grains needed for make my wedding bands and custom ring designs.