3D Design Tips: How to calculate gold weight by volume?

To calculate the gold weight of a 3D model, you will first need to find the volume of the model. This can be done in Rhino 3D by selecting the closed object and typing in "volume" and then Enter. The software will give you cubic millimeter of the object. 

With the volume, you will then multiple it by karat of gold you would like it to be. See the density conversion cart below:

Karat  Density (Grams per cubic millimeter)
14K Yellow Gold 0.0130681
14K White Gold 0.0126069
18K Yellow Gold 0.0155849
18K White Gold 0.0146378
Platinum (PT95/IR5) 0.0214954
Silver (925) 0.0103577



201mm3 x 0.0130681 = 2.6 g of 14K Yellow Gold