8 Reasons Why Jewellery is the Perfect Gift (and why women still love receiving it!)

8 Reasons Why Jewellery is the Perfect Gift (and why women still love receiving it!)

Below are 8 reasons why jewellery is still the perfect gift, and why women still love receiving it!

1. It has enduring sentimentality

Jewellery is a thoughtful gift. It sends a message of love, connection, and admiration to the gift receiver. It holds the recipient’s personal tastes in mind, but also shows the longevity of that special connection to the giver. For this reason, jewellery tends to retain a sense of sentimentality in our hearts. When it’s gifted from a partner, friend or family member, it becomes meaningful (more meaningful than that toaster oven your husband gave you last Christmas!). Truth be told, jewellery’s lack of functionality is precisely what makes it so special! Wearing the gifted piece reminds the wearer that they are loved and that someone is thinking of them.

2. It always fits!

The most common choices for jewellery gifts are earrings and pendants because they will always fit. No need to worry about the sometimes sensitive topic of their size. Jewellery is universal in that it's "fit" is rarely an issue, and many women who struggle with clothing sizes find comfort in this.

3. It offers self-confidence

Popping on a pretty piece of jewellery is the easiest way to feel fancy or to dress up an outfit (Ideal for on-camera Zoom meetings!) For those working from home, it’s also an excellent way to step into a work-mode mindset and maintain a sense of self.

4. It takes up minimal room

Perhaps jewellery is the best gift because it’s so easy to store when it’s not in use. Its petite size and compact nature makes it simple to store, and you never feel like you have too much. A woman can cherish multiple pieces without feeling cluttered. It's size also makes it easy for mailing and giving gifts over long distance. (Check out our complimentary gift wrapping options and services.)

5. It makes gifting easy

Necklaces, bracelets and rings are just so easy to wrap, hide and present. Each piece can be thoughtfully packaged, and the small profile makes hiding jewellery gifts a breeze! And if you do catch a peek before it’s time to open your gift, the classic box shapes lend a feeling of anticipation.

6. It lasts forever

If treated well, jewellery made of precious metals like silver, gold or platinum can last your whole life – or longer! The gift giving nature of jewellery often continues as pieces are passed down from one generation to the next (your new toaster oven is not likely to have the same longevity). 

7. It’s a way to treat someone

Even if it’s not an extravagance, many women hesitate to treat themselves to a new piece of jewellery…which is exactly why it makes the perfect gift!

8. It’s a piece of art

Jewellery sits neatly between the worlds of art, craft, and design. What more can you ask for, than an everyday art piece that can be shared with others as you move about your day?