Preparing for your Custom Design Meeting

Preparing for your Custom Design Meeting

Getting started! 

It an exciting time, you are getting ready to start your dream jewellery. Here are some things to help you prepare for your meeting, and things that we will touch on during our meeting:


There are lots of options, and it can be overwhelming to choose the direction that you want to go with your jewellery. If you are designing for someone else, it can be even more tricky to guess what they might like. 

Take note of what you (or they) already like wearing: 

  • Do they wear small pieces, or big and bold pieces?
  • Do they often prefer a metal colour over another?
  • Do they have a Pintrest page that you can sneak a peek at? Have they dropped you any hints? ;)


Knowing your exact ring size is not necessary, we have ring sizing kits to try-on and measure your finger.

If you are designing for someone else, we just need an approximate size to get started. The ring can be sized up or down later if the size needs to be changed. It helps to aim for a larger size, than too small, because then the ring will at least get on their finger when you first give it to them. If you have a ring that you know already fits them, you can bring it to be measured. 


When choosing a gemstone type, most people have a clear image of what they are looking for. Are you imagining a colourless stone like a diamond? Or a coloured stone like a sapphire or ruby?

The next thing to consider is the shape of the stone. Do you like a classic round shape or oval, a modern square shape, or a vintage shape like an emerald cut or rose-cut?

Lastly is the size, and this is were our meeting will help a lot, because it is hard to know the size you like without seeing samples on your hand. However, some people already have in their mind that they want a 1/2 carat or 1 carat stone.


Your budget is important to us, and we will help work with you to create a piece that not only considers your aesthetic and lifestyle, but also works for your budget too. Please consider what budget will work for you. Changing the size or quality of gemstones will dramatically change the price, so if you have a certain budget in mind, we can help by showing you designs and stones that will fit within your budget.

Custom design, on average, will cost us more time and labour to produce for you, and is therefore priced higher than choosing one of our designs that is already available. Sometimes it is better to choose from one of our designs that is already designed, or to do a slight modification of one of those designs, rather than starting a whole new custom design.


Consider your lifestyle and daily activities. Do you have an active job that requires wearing gloves or working rough with your hands? Or are you delicate with your hands and are often typing for work? Are you often outdoors being active and require a design that will work with your lifestyle?

It's important that you are comfortable with your ring, so we will help find the best solutions to make your design fit you best. Options like bezel setting, comfort-fit bands, and low profile rings are the top requests that we find when people consider their daily activities.

Personal Touch & Sentimentality

There is room in every design to incorporate a personal touch to the design. This might be a floral accent from their favorite flower, a wave texture to remind them of their home on the coast, a hidden branch detail because they love hiking in nature, an engraving of a words that mean a lot to you both.

Feel welcome to let us know any details that would help make your design that much more unique and personal.


Do you have a timeline for completion? Please let us know this. If your timeline isn't going to fit into custom design (3-4 months) then we will help find a better solution for you. 

Thank you!

Looking forward to meeting you soon!