Custom Design: Meteorite Rings

I have a love for the geometry in nature – it's growth patterns and chaotic structure. It is a challenge to capture this, but in searching I have begun to purify and distill the beauty of each angle and line.

This year I was honoured to create the engagement ring of artist and peer, Anne MacMillian. ( Her artwork has always been an inspiration to me. It is chillingly beautiful how she explores the truth of objects. In particular, a series of renderings which depict the contours of near-earth-asteroids. ( 

Anne's partner requested something unique – instead of a diamond, he choose to give her a meteorite. In the design I created, each ring is a contour of the meteorite stone. It is a suggestion towards the geometry of the stone, but without knowing the reference it can remain a hidden gem. Stacked together the rings are contemporary, but also remain as a timeless classic.